Deck Staining

Restore your deck back to new!

Sisters Painting will refurbish your old decks and make them look  like they are brand new again.  We will pressure wash your deck and sometimes  a chemical strip is needed depending on the initial condition of your deck. We always use only the top quality production to protect and seal your deck!

There are also many other stain products and sealers in todays market to protect and seal your deck. Call us today for a free estimate to determine what product is best for your deck!

A deck may need a re-application every one to three years. The may vary depending on weather conditions and sun exposure.  Transparent stains vary and come in multiple colors.  A transparent stain tends to have more longevity than most clear sealers. They have more color pigments that allow for greater protection from the sun. If you choose to resort to a natural wood color, it will be necessary to remove previous stains.

Transparent Staining

The advantage of this style of staining is that it allows some of the texture and grain to show because it penetrates the wood. However, solid color staining tends to show wear on heavy traffic areas after time. After time when the finish begins to decompose, the stain can begin to peel and your deck will lose its aesthetic value. Whereas transparent stain will not peel, but after time can give the appearance of fading.

Solid Color Staining

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