More than just painting !

We believe that the most important part of any paint job is the preparation prior to painting. Removing old & loose paint, sanding, caulking, washing & often priming the surface is key to having a paint job that will last. We take careful inspection of rotted wood and other surfaces that need to be repaired or replaced prior to painting to give your home years of beauty that will last.

Painting Services

There is usually more to know about exterior painting than there is with interior painting. Many times preparation prior to painting is essential. On some jobs, completely removing the old paint is necessary. What comes off the surface prior to painting is often of utmost importance.

We also offer more exterior services than just painting.  If you need stucco or plaster on the exterior of your home this will be no problem.  We also offer a great selection of vinyl and aluminum siding to accommodate any style of home.

Power washing is a common way to clean most exterior surfaces prior to painting. Scraping & sanding peeling & blistering paint is also quite common with exterior wood trim.  There are many different techniques we use to strip and remove paint. The best technique to use would depend on the particular job.


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