Wallpaper Removal

What is our Paper Tiger tool?

Our Paper Tiger is a hand held cutting tool that we score the wallpaper with to make lots of tiny pin-holes to let the solution penetrate the walls or ceiling behind the wallpaper. While the wallpaper is wet, we carefully start removing the old wallpaper with a stiff spackle knife. After removing the wallpaper and wallpaper lining, we again wash the walls down to remove all the glue from the wall. When the walls are dry, we then prime the walls with a low odor oil primer to completely seal in the walls before repairing any damage and then painting or applying new wallpaper.

Professional Removal

When it comes to removing wallpaper, it is necessary to completely remove all traces of the wallpaper material before repairing the wall for paint.  In most cases, removing old wallpaper can be more involved than it might appear on the surface. Some issues you might encounter are multiple layers of wallpaper on top of each other, cracks in the walls, and other wall damage such as from the adhesive from the wallpaper.

At Sisters Painting, we utilize an advanced technique that soaks down the wallpaper with a common warm water and DIFF solution. By moisturizing the wall with our special solution, your walls will experience minimal wall damage from adhesive wallpaper removal. This provides a cost effective way to refinish your walls without the hassle of major wall renovation.


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